“Nameless star. “Photo A.Karno.

At the end of October, at the Compass Theater, the premiere of the performance The Nameless Star took place. Of course, it’s difficult to look at something new when everyone literally grew up on the Soviet film of the same name and it seems that you will not see anything better, but you simply were not at this performance.
The sensual passion shown right on the stage captivates the viewer and does not allow him to catch his breath for a second, forcing him to watch the characters and worry about them.

фото А.Карно.

We see an old, almost abandoned city, in which there are only 8.245 people. These are people who have absolutely poor thinking, who think that a dream should remain unrealizable, because they can only dream of a good life, but, unfortunately, they are not at all able to strive for dreams, even if they can change their life.

фото А.Карно

On the one hand, you believe in love between the heroes, but on the other, you understand that Mona has only a momentary weakness, a desire to feel the romance of another city. But could she survive there? It is unlikely, because over time, her needs will increase, and the poor teacher simply can not cope with them.

The performance makes each viewer think and pass thoughts through himself. And what do you want to become a man? And what are you ready to go for your dream? Are you ready to ruin your life for the sake of casual communication? And most importantly …. How much do you believe in yourself?

The nearest performance on November 16
Age category
: 18+
Tickets here: https://afisha.yandex.ru/moscow/theatre_show/bezymiannaia-zvezda-teatralnyi-loft-kompas-tsentr?from=afisha_text_wizard

Article author: A. Carnot


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