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The theater since ancient times is one of the most significant and important events. And, as in any publication, we try to look and behave as attractively and “correctly as possible”. However, go too far, as well as underestimate the importance of preparing for a trip to the “temple of Melpomene”, is not worth it. What rules should be observed in order not to get into an awkward situation and spend a bright and beautiful evening?

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  1. Do not be late.

Running into the hall after the third call is moviton, so that you do not have to stand behind closed doors before the intermission, or scandal with the employees of the hall, calculate your time in advance. It is enough to come 20 minutes before the start of the performance – this is enough to put things in the wardrobe, put yourself in order, and take your places, without interfering with the audience or the artists. In case you are still late, in no case do you get into a conflict, and politely ask the hall employee to let you go to the nearest empty seat, and in the interval, calmly borrow the one for which the ticket was purchased. And you will not be offended, and the peace of the audience and artists will not be disturbed.

2.Think over your wardrobe.

Of course, now no one demands to come to the theater in evening dresses and tuxedos, but a tracksuit or jeans in the hole clearly will not add you pluses in the eyes of others. It is enough to look elegant and tasteful. Men can choose a dark suit, and women trousers or a skirt with a beautiful blouse. Also do not zealous with perfume! Remember that a hundred aromas are mixed in the hall, and so that during the performance you do not have to suffocate, a couple drops of perfume with a light aroma will be enough. Also, do not hang yourself with a large number of jewelry – focus on one thing. Nobody wants to be associated with the New Year tree, right?

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3 .Respect your neighbors.

Having taken your place, in no case do not occupy both armrests, this can cause inconvenience and unpleasant situations with your neighbor (even if it is your loved one). Also categorically we do not recommend strongly fidgeting in a chair, creaking, bouncing, throwing legs to feet, talking loudly, etc. Remember that people are also sitting behind you, to whom your behavior can greatly interfere and spoil your mood, and even more so for actors on the stage. Wait for the intermission or the end of the performance in order to throw out your emotions and stretch your numb limbs.

4. Bring food and drinks to the room with you.

This is a simple truth – here it is not a movie theater, but living people and a lively dialogue, for which, without chewing faces and rustling sounds, there are also many external obstacles to a high-quality game. Take a look at the buffet during the break – good snacks and drinks are always available there. And if you have your own apple or a sandwich in stock, you can always leave it in the wardrobe, and later enjoy it without causing any negative emotions from others.

5. Gifts on time.

If you want to give flowers and gifts to your especially beloved artist, do it at the end of the performance on the bows. Do not go to ram, and do not run headlong to the scene, creating a dangerous situation. No one wants to leave the theater injured, or in torn clothes. Now they are bowing down two or even three times, so everyone will have enough attention and time!

6. Do not create traffic jams and queues.

Do not rush, pushing into the wardrobe after the performance. Take a walk in the lobby, or stay in your seats until the main stream of spectators leaves the hall. By the way, if, due to some circumstances, the viewer needs to leave the theater earlier, then, according to unspoken rules, he looks at the last act on the balcony, and then, without disturbing anyone, leaves.

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7. Behave with the actors correctly.

It often happens that people come to the play for the sake of a certain actor. And of course, many people have a desire to chat and express their enthusiasm with him personally. For this, there is a so-called “service”, when a group of fans is waiting for the artist to leave after the performance. In such cases, it is very necessary to be able to control yourself and observe the rules of decency: do not pounce, do not yell, do not create a stressful or dangerous situation for yourself, the artist and others. Respect each other and yourself. And as mentioned above: everyone will have enough attention!

8. Emotions should not interfere with action!

To show excessive pleasure (or vice versa – discontent) from what is happening on the stage during the action is still considered a bad form. The applause must be organic: individual popping, sounded in complete silence, can bring down actors. As well as stamping, hooting, whistles. The main energy exchange of applause, shouts of “Bravo” and other interjections occurs again during the bow! And believe me – for artists it will be much nicer and more ethical than at any other moment!

9. Forget about your gadgets for the duration of the show!

In the advanced age of high technology, we are accustomed not to let go of phones, computers and tablets. But for the duration of the performance, just turn them off and forget them. A couple of hours in your life without communication will not change anything, and the pleasure of the performance will not be disturbed by a sudden call or notification.

10.Come and go to the theater in a good mood!

Indeed, the main goal of this art is to entertain and give people joy! And let the walls of the hall be saturated with the energy of grateful and satisfied spectators.

Article author: Ekaterina Svergun

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