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A little away from the usual dramatic and musical performances, we would like to tell you about the art of dance.

Now dance is something intimate, something special for every dancer. There are more than a thousand dance performances around the world, where participants in the choreography reveal their soul, turning it inside out, giving the audience to understand the emotions of the artist.

Every time a dancer goes on stage, he looks at the audience and there is a fire in his eyes. Fire of passion, fire of sensuality, fire of sincerity. What was he going to say? The same as an ordinary actor in a drama theater — the feelings of his character. Or your own…

Ce soir, je ne joue plus la divine comédie
Ce soir, je suis tout nu au milieu de ma vie
Ce soir, le clown a peur d’être tout seul, il pleure

Ce soir, il redevient un homme et son chagrin
Ce soir, il est humain
Ce soir, devant vous il a peur

Bruno Pelletier «Le Clown»

Петербургский театр танца «Искушение»
St. Petersburg dance theatre “Temptation»

How often do you go to a performance and think about the dancers? How often do you think about people playing extras for you? You go to a performance for the sake of a favorite actor or a good show, and this is understandable. But try at least once in your life to pick out one dancer in a crowd of artists… Catch his eyes, try to read all the message that he expresses for you in his dance. Think for a minute — what is he thinking now? How is it located in certain circumstances? What makes it what it is now? Is he playing a role or does he want to say something of his own? Look at this plastic, look at his eyes and you will definitely be able to touch his soul, which he is twisting right in front of you at the moment.

Нидерландский театр танца
Dutch dance theater

Scene. People. One dancer in the dark under a single spotlight. He looks at you as if making an important decision whether to trust you with his secret or not. He begins to dance a little hesitantly, but then opens his soul to you, his movements from slow and smooth grow into sharp and fast. The final. He looks at you again, and tears are streaming from his eyes. He puts all his heart into this dance, and you are waiting for your favorite artist to come on stage.


And do you know what makes him feel alive, understood, and free? One single look that he will catch in the audience. A look that will understand it and cry with him!

Everyone wants to be understood. Each of us wants to share our pain with others, because it’s impossible to keep everything to ourselves, isn’t it?

Dancers also Express their emotions through dance. They look at the audience, hoping to find understanding in your eyes. They hope to be heard. Just like you.

“How loud you need to scream,
For the soul to hear?»

The Performance Of “Alarm”.Studio theatre “the Golden Key»

Start dancing! Go outside or turn on your favorite track at home. Close your eyes and let your emotions, resentment, grief, nervousness, joy, happiness, and love come out. Look at what your movements will say. This is your body language…

By Anastasia Carnot
The article was prepared specifically for the author’s publication

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