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“Who cares if one more light goes out?”

How often do celebrities die? Have you ever thought about this question at least once in your life? How often do we hear on TV almost a template text “today at night/during the day/(substitute the right one) there was no such-and-such person.” And then there is a long and possibly boring speech about what kind of person he was, how much he did for the theater or other world.

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What if this person committed suicide? Then for a month you will hear in every program how unhappy he was.
Was it really so?

Today we want to talk to you about Chester Bennington. Many people know him as the lead singer of the legendary band Linkin Park, and many as the person who helped them get out of the depression.

And today we want to touch on this topic, because many people in this world suffer from misunderstandings of parents, failed love or other problems. They close themselves in, not wanting to open their soul to other people and because of this only go further into their thoughts…

Many people sometimes just need to get a person who understands them, who would live their feelings and tell them how to cope with a particular problem. You just need someone you can talk to and trust.

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When you are a member of Linkin Park, you have many privileges and you have a fun and happy life…”Chester said in one of his interviews…” I got the chance to do what I love with incredibly decent people, talented people. Each member of our group is really a very good person. But at the same time, none of us are immune from the possibility that some shit might happen. Either one of us can make the wrong choice. In other words… Be a man. This can happen at any time. Personally, I got to a point in my life somewhere in 2015 when I broke my leg, played Linkin Park, played Stone Temple Pilots, served as a father. I tried to combine all this, plus I had constant injuries from the age of 30, when I damaged the intervertebral disc. Permanent treatment: trauma, surgery, trauma, surgery. And I got to the point where I was undergoing treatment and there were problems with it, so old habits started to appear and I lost a lot of people close to me. I had relationship problems not only at home, but with my friends, with everyone. Even with myself. Life has become neglected and very difficult – all in one moment. I’m the kind of person who does what I want and when I want, and it seems that I can always find a way out. And sometimes it works. But when I broke my leg, it was much worse than just“nothing, it’ll heal in 8 weeks and I’ll be as good as new.” But I broke it quite badly and I needed reconstructive surgery, such as plates, bolts, and another operation. It was awful. And this was the cause of depression, which was difficult to get rid of. And in that moment, I realized that everything had to be perfect, or I wouldn’t be able to do it. If anything goes wrong, everything else goes wrong. Mike (Chinda, member of the group Linkin Park. ed.) I made a list of problems that included my problems, his problems, the problems of our friends and other band members. There were probably 50 problems in total. And each of these problems was very difficult in itself. One of our friends died of cancer, my stepfather died of cancer, I broke my leg and it took almost a year to recover, I had to leave Stone Temple Pilots because I couldn’t do it anymore and it upset me, then I got depressed again and I started drinking again and I’m like, “Well, this is just awful.” Difficulties in relationships with everyone, difficulties in almost everything. It was very harsh. There was hardly enough reason for me to be willing to go on. I burned out because inside I felt like, ” Fuck this world.” Not like, ” I need a break,” but “Fuck it. Everything and everything. And I don’t want anything anymore, and I don’t like anything anymore. I don’t like anyone.” I even once told my doctor,”I don’t want to feel anything. I’m even a little jealous of sociopaths because they don’t have to worry about feelings. I wouldn’t mind that.” And the doctor asked me, “So you don’t want to be human?” And I said, ” Yes.”

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Such feelings of course appear in all people, because in fact, life is really difficult. But to go through all the difficulties with your teeth clenched, not paying attention to it – this is the most important secret of Chester.

The artist, who always selflessly helped people, was on the same wave with his audience and alone with his fears brought a strong meaning to this world, which Mike Shionda told in an interview with Bild.

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“Many years ago, Chester broke his arm on stage. We wanted to stop the concert because it was at the very beginning, but he said:”It doesn’t matter – my hand won’t get any worse in an hour.” Of course we were all freaking out, but he replied:”Yes, my hand hurts, but let’s just play it already.” He is the kind of man who will go through everything with his teeth clenched. For example, if it takes 8 months to recover from an injury, but in 6 months he will run a marathon and, you know what? He did so. After 6 months, he started performing with STP again. I can see him working hard to achieve what he wants to achieve. And these kinds of aspirations are within our control. We all want to have some control in our lives. But there are things that are very difficult to control.»

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There are a lot of people in the world right now whose fates closely echo Chester’s. For many, he is like an older brother, for some, he is a father, for others, he is a friend who is so lacking in difficult moments. Many people came out of depression because of his songs and now this is probably the most important thing to understand. Although he is no longer alive, we still have his songs, his lyrics and the power of his voice, which makes anyone understand that you are capable of a lot. You can do almost anything if you want to. You just need to be strong and believe in yourself. Believe, even when other people turn away. Because if you yourself have lost faith in yourself, then no one will do for you what you should do yourself. Take care of yourself and remember that at any moment there is someone next to you who had a terrible situation, was depressed, but the most he wanted was to change the world. Make more people happy.

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“Who cares if one more light goes out?
Well i do
Well i do….”

The article was prepared specifically for the author’s publication “Ikulis.ru” in memory of Chester Bennington…

Author of the article: Anastasia Carnot

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