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Undoubtedly, there are two sides to each of us – this is the design of the Universe, so that the world maintains a balance between good and evil, bright light and dark depths. It is not so easy to keep them in balance, but how nice to know that there are people who, regardless of circumstances, time and their choice, still remain on the same bright side, and carry such an amazing energy that even after years does not cease to surprise and lead, inspiring people to the most incredible thoughts and actions!

Such, in our immodest opinion, is the current hero of the interview, who appeared on the pages of “Out of the darkness of the wings” even when everything was only at the level of ideas… Thus breathing life into the publication and still invisibly providing it with support and a certain inspiration. Meet Laurent Ban-a French singer, composer, leading actor of musicals that are successfully performed in many countries, an artist and, undoubtedly, a man of peace and a broad soul.

Лоран Бан: «Перед искусством и музыкой все культуры равны», изображение №1
Лоран Бан

– Hello, Laurent! Thank you for time. We are glad to see you again on our pages. You’ve known our magazine since it was founded, and you believed in it when we had nothing. When Anastasia, the editor-in-chief, offered you the first interview, we didn’t have a website or the first issue. We are now 4 years old. Many people would refuse to give interviews to a non-existent magazine, but you agreed. Why?

Every champion of the world was an apprentice. It’s exciting to be part or help the baby to become an adult. Even the whole universe was originally content in a 1 cubic cm!

It’s real great answer!!! Thank you for this. So, just in March, you came to Russia with a concert where you performed with your good friend Andrey Birin… Can you tell us about this experience and impressions?

I like Russia and I felt a really positive energy through Andrey and his team…. We were both of us Zorro: The French one and the Russian one! Then we did these concert and fan-meeting with sincerity, energy, and positivity! It was a great time, i spent a great moment with him and the guests! These were my last concerts till august because of the virus.

Yes… I agree with you…Also you were also preparing to perform in Moscow with the musical “Don Juan”, but the quarantine has made its own changes. Are there any plans with musical for the future after the pandemic?

Yes, but only plans…. For now, we have nothing concrete. I lost 4 tours in 2020 with 3 musicals and one solo concerts tour! Now… Everything will depend of the virus. But we don’t know when will end the pandemic.

– We all hope that it will end very soon… And how did you do the lockdown? Was it hard without concerts, colleagues, creativity?

Without concerts yes – hard! With colleagues okay because we keep the contact through internet and it creates some new forms of artistic communications. Like live streamings etc…

-Yes… About streaming! Many musicians have found a way out of the situation in the format of home online concerts… You also often delight fans with streams. How comfortable is it to work in this format and how do you feel about it?

Well it’s fun… The occasion to explore another kind of interaction with fans all over the world. Most of my fans are in Asia, but more and more Russian people are following me… It’s great, but I am a live show artist and I need a live audience. Just like others artists.

Лоран Бан: «Перед искусством и музыкой все культуры равны», изображение №2
Лоран Бан

-Yes, it’s true. You also record videos especially for the Chinese audience. How did this idea come?

I have an account in China called «Bilibili»… It’s an account where you have the opportunity to record some songs for audience, they can even propose some songs and I can choose… The Chinese audience asked me to continue after my solo streaming concert of my birthday on the 3rd of April. It’s a way to keep the contact with audience because of the cancellation of my 8 months of tour in Asia it’s a very humble way to keep in touch

It’s real very interesting! Thank you… Continue. You also had several performances, including online, with your brother, David. Tell us about this experience and how you both realized that you would become artists? And would you like to continue this family collaboration? Maybe in the next concerts?

We are artists since our childhood… First painters… And then entertainers… It’s just a natural way to communicate in our family. It was nice to sing together. We don’t often work together. I think It was a good opportunity. But maybe more later.

– You once said that you wanted to be an astronaut as a child. What do you think now? If you didn’t take up music and painting, what would you do?

I wanted to be an astronaut to reach my mother in the stars. It’s the meaning of my song «Terre-mere ». But if I have to stop one day, I want to be a small lobster’s fisher on a small island!

– By the way about the songs… We know that your album “Prima” is about you and your life. But many people see themselves in it. How does this happen? What do you think?

Лоран Бан: «Перед искусством и музыкой все культуры равны», изображение №3
Лоран Бан

I am really proud of this. I wrote these songs talking about some very deep episodes of my life… But i always open the door to the emotions and the spirit of the listener…. I don’t give details, but more a specific mood, an atmosphere where music, melody and lyrics are totally and strongly linked… And many people think these songs are talking about themselves.

– Thank you for being so honest. So… Which is more difficult – to be on stage solo, be Laurent, or to be a character in a musical?

Both are difficult and easy. Totally different but very exciting.

-You are real a “Man of the world”. Worked in France, China, Russia, etc. What features of the public in these countries could you observe?

Now, there are no such difference between all those countries as there were existing even 10 years ago… Most of people have the same dreams and purposes everywhere in the world…. I don’t really see a lot of differences in the capitals… Even if the different cultures are still strong …. But in front of art and music, most of audience react and share in the same way…

-If it wasn’t for France, what country would you like to live in? And what country would you like to perform in?

I don’t really feel that I live in France… I am more often outside that inside France. I love The Reunion Island… I need water and nature… I would love to perform in South America and Australia – the 2 last continents I never went.

-I hope you can do it. Yes… Water and nature sounds so lyrical… And what kind of music do you usually listen to when you are sad or funny? How does music affect your mood?

-Only movies soundtracks. The last one i bought – is the soundtrack of the serial «Dark Water». Named «good bye» from the album «The devil’s walk» (Apparat). But i also love Hanz Zimmer, Williams, Dellerue etc..

-It’s strong! We are living in a difficult time, but we are still planning something… What are your plans? new project, new songs, maybe a new style of music for experiments?

New album, new songs. I start back to paint, and I do new castings. Also I will dub the voice of Ricky Martin in French for a next Netflix movie, in the role of … Don Juan! It’s real funny. Hahaha!

– It’s very nice! We wish you go luck! And i hope to see you in Russia, of course! We are very much looking forward to Don Juan, and perhaps Mozart (many say that he will return in 2021). But now… What is your main dream at the moment?

– As long all my kids are healthy and happy, my dreams come true!

– And finally, our little tradition… What would you wish our readers? And what would you wish for the magazine?

One million readers soon!!!! And I wish to come back for a new interview when your magazine will become a reference all over the world!

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