Looking at some characters on stage, in movies, or in musicals, people say that if an actor has never experienced what his character is feeling so, then the audience will hardly believe him. Our guest today, Noemi Garcia, fully confirms this theory. Her characters, whether they are Eva’s friend or Mozart’s sister, like Noemi, is really reflection tenderness and femininity. And if you ever see her solo performances, you will clearly be charmed by the combination of touching fragility, strong voice and hypnotic energy in this petite girl. About what she has in common with other characters else, about her own musical choices and, of course, about love – in our little conversation

Hello, Noemie! Thanks for your time for us. What do you think about Russia after your visite there on tour with Mozart l’opera rock le
concert, some years ago?

Unfortunately, I didn’t have too much time to visit Russia when I came because we had very little time there, just enough time to rehearse. But I had time one morning to see the magnificent Red Square of Moscow, and I passed the Bolshoi Theater which is very important for me being a ballet
dancer. In St Petersburg I unfortunately couldn’t see anything … However, I have a very good memory of Russia. It was incredible to come for the first time and to perform in front of you in this magnificent symphonic concert.

Ноеми Гарсия
Noemi Garcia

-Would you like to visit Russia again with a solo tour or in collaboration with your French or Russians colleagues? Should we wait and hope for something like that any time soon?

I would love to visit Russia again and have the chance to share my music across the border with a solo tour and in collaboration with my French and Russians colleagues! I think some nice surprises could happen after we defeat COVID-19.

– Lots of your fans remember you as Strawberry in « Adam et Eve » . You’ve got such a wonderful sense of rhythm and such a grace in this role ! Have you ever had special dancing or gymnastic classes? Was the preparation for the performance of Strawberry some difficult for you?

Thank you so much !!! When I got the role of Strawberry I was a dancer and a singer so I trained every day. I took classical dance lessons, but also modern-jazz, contemporary and new style. My role at first was just to sing, but when Pascal Obispo knew that I was a dancer, he wanted to put me on stage as much as possible so I danced too. The performance was not particularly difficult but what was difficult was to find the character of Strawberry because it was a creation, I had to understand the character who finally resembled me a lot at this time.

Which of all your characters were easier to perform from the point of view of vocals and physical comfort (outfit, dancing and plasticity…)?
For me the easiest role, vocally and physically, is Nannerl. She’s almost never on stage, she has very little theater, she doesn’t dance and vocals are not difficult. Perhaps the most difficult thing is to get the emotion across, and make a role exist in such a short time on stage but it’s an exercise that I have to succeed every time I’m on stage. That’s my goal.

Ноеми в роли Наннерль в «Mozart l’Opera Rock »
Noemie in the role of Nannerl in «Mozart l’Opera Rock »

You’ve also performed Aloysia and Nannerl in «Mozart l’Opera Rock ». Whom of the two
characters do you like more and why?

I only interpreted the songs of Aloysia in the symphonic
concert. However before I was offered the role of Nannerl, I had the chance to learn all the female roles of MOR, so I know very well the role of Aloysia , and I would rather interpret this role than that of Nannerl. Simply because it’s more interesting to defend. Aloysia goes through all the emotions, she has more possibilities of interpretation, like love, manipulation, sadness, anger, sensitivity, harshness, there is a beautiful exchange between Mozart and her. I would love to be able to play this role.

– How do you thing that Chinese audience is different from French or Russian?

Each country is different, each culture is different so each audience is different. I don’t know how the Chinese public is different from the Russian public, I only stayed 2 days in Russia, when it’s been now more than 2 years that I go to China so, it would not be objective to make a comparison. The only thing I can say is that maybe the Russian public is more accessible
to men (a bit like French audience) and therefore can be less warm with women than the Chinese public …

You’ve got such a wonderful video on Paul McCartney’s «My Valentine». Why have you chosen it?

It was an idea from Mikelangelo, when he asked me to sing it we realized that it was a wonderful song and it suit very well with my voice and that it would be interesting to produce it. Then we decided to make an home-made clip in the streets of Paris . It was our first, more personal collaboration. I’m not trying to make popular covers to have a lot of likes or followers, I’m looking for songs that I like and that have meaning in music.

Ноеми Гарсия и Микеланджело Локонте
Noemi Garcia and Mickelangelo Loconte

 Do you often listen to any music at home or on the road ? What is this music?

Yes I listen to a lot of music at home or when I travel on public transport, or in a car. I really listen to everything, I often put playlists from past years like the 70s, or I can also listen to classical music, I love classical music, but also artists of the moment in France like Angèle, or Prince, Rihanna, Dépêche Mode, Kate Bush, Italian artists and Spanish and dark music. I really
listen to everything . I like real music, the one that transports you and which we feel that there has been a real musical research.

– You and Mikelangelo seem to be a good match both on and out of stage. Is it difficult to be always together both at work and at home?

If you listen to couples, it is never easy to work with the person with whom you share your life, especially when it is a question of passion and ltimately work is in life as well as on stage. But we are lucky to get along extremely well, whether it be on music, our artistic choices, our aspirations, our goals in life. We are very complementary in life as in our profession. At the moment we are in lockdown, it could be complicated as for many couples but for us it is absolutely not a problem. We are well together, we found each other well.

 Now it’s very difficult to predict, but still… What are your immediate plans? Will you soon be able to hear something from your solo work or maybe see you in new projects ?

It is true that it is difficult to plan given the situation of the planet … I hope we will beat this virus quickly… normally I would have to go on tour, but I’m afraid the coming year will be extremely difficult for all of us. In the meantime I continue to develop as an artist, to make my music, I started to compose my own music to my surprise so I continue to improve and become even more efficient.

– Could you wish something to your fans in Russia?

In this period I can only wish to take care of you. I wish you health above all, but I also wish that you continue to believe in your dreams. It’s a difficult time that we have to face but we will come out even stronger. Take care of yourself, if you can, stay at home. I hope to see you very soon, and I hope that we can get to know each other better and share good times together.

Ноэми Гарсия. «Алоизия мне ближе…», изображение №4

Автор интервью: Екатерина Свергун.

Интервью взято специально для авторского издания «Из темноты кулис…»


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