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About us

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Anastasia Carnot-founder of the magazine “Izkulis.ru…”
and editor-in-chief

Anastasia Carnot -editor-in-chief and founder of the magazine “IZKULIS.RU…”. Graduated from the Peoples ‘ Friendship University of Russia. Faculty of journalism. Cooperation with France, Canada, and the Bulgakov house for the sale of their own publications.
Theater is a world in which the audience plunges headlong to forget about their own problems

Our magazine was founded in 2016 and was formed as an author’s magazine about theater. We publish only the latest and most up-to-date news about theater and cinema. Our magazine was sold in France and Canada, and is now based as an online magazine.

The peculiarity of our magazine is that it covers an unknown and mysterious world called theater. This is the theater of the past, the modern theater, and even the theater of the future. It is also almost the only magazine that openly writes about theater, culture, and behind-the-scenes life.

We have prepared a lot of behind-the-scenes stories for you, as well as a lot of interviews.

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Lina Mironova is a special correspondent from Italy.

Lina graduated from the Theater and Art College. Faculty of PR and advertising. Now he is studying at the University of Bologna( Italy) as an art critic. Lina has been making our magazine covers for a long time, contacting advertisers,

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Ekaterina Svergun-journalist

Ekaterina Vladimirovna Svergun-correspondent of the magazine “IZKULIS.RU…»
She graduated from the Institute of publishing and journalism at Moscow Polytechnic University. She worked in the press service of OPORA Russia (the sphere of business and politics), led projects of online magazines “Marrow Magazine” and “Ubiquitous Fox”, was a correspondent of the magazine “You in the center” in her native city of Khabarovsk, produced with the support of the government of the Khabarovsk territory. She interviewed the artistic Director of the theater in the South-West Oleg Leushin, Ilya Reznik, French musician Florent mote, artists of Russian musicals, curator of the Museum Vladimir Mayakovsky and a number of other artists. She wrote about the project” the Last test “of the Stairway company, the musical” Mayakovsky ” of the moon theater,” Labyrinths of sleep “by Gleb Matveychuk, “At the bottom” and “about the brave new world” of the Modern Theater, concerts, exhibitions, cultural events. In his free time, he learns languages and sometimes writes poetry.
“Theater, stage, and everything connected with them is a separate passion and one of the most important areas of my life. I have always understood them and am happy to share my impressions of what I saw, to be able to communicate with these people, learn from them, find answers to important questions and develop. Journalism allows you to broadcast your vision of beauty to the world, teach the reader to empathy, intellectual and moral development, and therefore-to make it even a little better.”