While the borders are closed and there is almost total silence in the territory of each state, our magazine decided to take a walk along the half-empty streets of China and tell you about the theaters that are in this wonderful country. After all, a virus is not a reason to quit traveling, right? Especially when this can be done by peeping from behind the scenes ….

In this article we will tell you about the most popular theaters in China. Our editors thoroughly studied each and compiled their top 5 theaters that are worth visiting if you are in China.

Let’s start ?

1–            Grand Theater Chang’an

The famous Chang’an Grand Theater, also called Chang’an Palace of Culture and Entertainment, is a modern Beijing theater with a multifunctional stage, computer and sound systems. The interior of the building is made with elements characteristic of the Ming Dynasty.

This is one of the most popular opera houses in Beijing, and due to its modern design, it is considered one of the best acoustic theaters in Beijing. It was reopened in 1996 after a three-year reconstruction.

It has 800 seats and seats for VIPs on the second floor. The seats in this room are decorated with mahogany chairs and tables with hand-painted teapots that create an old-fashioned atmosphere.

On the second floor of the museum is a museum with costumes and other theatrical items.

2-            Baoli Theater

Established in 2005, Baoli Theater is considered one of the largest cultural venues in all of East China. The theater building was built in the European style. It can accommodate up to 2,000 people, who are given a unique opportunity to enjoy not only the most popular songs and dances, but also see interesting art programs.

The theater is conveniently located in the center of Beijing. Since its opening, he successfully presented 3,000 performances of various kinds of more than 300 art groups. It is recognized as the most luxurious theater in Beijing. Today it is equipped with modern acoustics and a lighting system, which allows it to satisfy the various needs of various art groups.

World-famous conductors such as Christopher Penderetsky, Vladimir Ashkenazi, pianists Marta Argerich, Fu Kong, Li Yundi and others performed in this theater.

Baol Theater

3-            Red Theater

The Red Theater is located in the historic district of Beijing, the capital of China. The theater is located in a building that is an architectural monument, its walls are decorated in red, and after dark they are beautifully illuminated by lanterns. The peculiarity of the Red Theater is that it is not the actors who appear on the stage, but the monks of the Shaolin monastery. All performances are given in the style of acrobatic performances with elements of kung fu. The tricks are performed by the participants of the performances without any insurance, and this is really breathtaking.

Theatrical performances are conducted in Chinese, but for tourists, accompanying subtitles in English are displayed on the screen. In the brochure that each viewer is given before the presentation, there is a legend shown on stage in Russian. Shooting with a camera or video camera during a performance is prohibited, however, after the program is completed, you can take pictures with actors-monks – the heroes of the play. Performances at the Red Theater are held daily and are especially popular with residents and guests of Beijing.

4-            Liyuan Theater

The Liyuan Theater is famous throughout the capital for its performances in the Beijing Opera genre. It is located in the Qianmen Hotel. The atmosphere of old Beijing is recreated in the theater hall. The hall is designed for 1000 seats. It has square tables for eight people, at which spectators drink tea during a theatrical performance. In the theater, prior to the start of the performance, visitors are allowed to enter the dressing room and watch how the actors apply makeup. Liyuan Theater is equipped with the latest equipment for simultaneous translation into Japanese and English, so foreign tourists can be seen there so often.

5-            Beijing People’s Art Theater

The Beijing People’s Art Theater was founded in 1952 by the famous playwright Cao Yuyi. The building of the theater is a vivid example of the monumental “Stalinist architecture”. No extra decorations – everything is very strict and majestic. The interior of the theater also cannot boast of rich decoration.

In its repertoire, the theater focuses on staging dramatic works by Chinese authors, although recently the theater has also staged dramas by contemporary foreign authors, often adapting them in a national manner.


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