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Many articles about cult or famous personalities usually begin with a biography of a person, with stories about the beginning of his career, his success… But we want to look behind the scenes of his life and find out… Who is Robin Williams?

Робин Уильямс
Robin Williams

Why “voice of childhood“? It’s simple. That’s what we heard when we asked our parents to review “Aladdin” with us for the hundredth time, and who doesn’t remember Fender from the cartoon “Robots“? Yes, it’s all Robin Williams. So what kind of person is he? Let’s see…

“You know, as soon as we go through this stage of life, we start looking for ourselves, trying to remember the good moments, trying to forget the bad ones, and we look for ourselves, thinking about the future. We start to worry when we think, ” What am I going to do? Where will I be in 10 years?” But I’ll tell you, ” Hey, look at me!” Please don’t worry so much. Because in the end, none of us is eternal. Time is fleeting. Make a wish, think of me. Make your life exciting.”
(The film “Jack” 1996.)

We don’t want to write some sad article, we don’t want you to start feeling sorry for him when you read it. Nor would he want to be pitied. So today, we want to talk to you frankly, without using the word in the past tense, because he still lives in our hearts. Isn’t it? Go online now and just type “Robin Williams“. What will you find? About a hundred articles pitying him, discussing the trauma in his personal life. And almost no articles about it.

Голос детства. Робин Уильямс, изображение №2
Robin Williams

Robin is a very cheerful person and he almost always banishes sadness. Whether it’s a sad boy at a bus stop or a girl who just broke up with her boyfriend and decided to review one of his old movies. He will always find a way to make you smile.

Everyone is given a small spark of insanity. Our task is not to lose it over the years.
Robin Williams

So why don’t we just start enjoying the little things that are nice? Why do we need to come up with so many things to make us feel happy? And you know what makes Robin happy? No, not jokes or humor, but just his native land. Do you understand? Native land. It’s easier to feel happy than we think.

There are so many beautiful places in the world. Thailand, Italy, southern France… There are also some amazing places in Spain. But here in my homeland … 25 miles and you climb mount Tamalpais to see the fog. 25 miles the other way and you’re in another incredible place that makes it hard to breathe. I’ve never had any doubts about where I want to live.
Robin Williams

Голос детства. Робин Уильямс, изображение №3
Robin Williams

Is it easier to be happy than we think? Maybe we should just find our own person to be happy? For each of us, happiness is something personal. This is a small light in the soul of a person, which is lit as a ray in the heart and gives you hope and strength for great achievements.

Somehow you think Robin Williams was never young or old. It was as if he was born at the age when we were all watching his “Mrs. Doubtfire” or laughing at his Peter pan. Even at this age, he was able to play the little boy from Neverland, who helps us all find a purpose in life. And his Mrs. Doutfire taught us that if you love a person, you should never let them go. You must do everything in your power to be near him. And if not…Then you must at least try…

Голос детства. Робин Уильямс, изображение №4
Robin Williams

Robin Williams remains a companion of our childhood to this day. We will know his voice from a thousand when we review Jumanji for the hundredth time or include Aladdin for our children. And so from generation to generation, Robin Williams will remain a loyal, kind and funny companion into adulthood….

Голос детства. Робин Уильямс, изображение №5
Robin Williams art

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