Stage Enterteiment — this is the place where almost all beginners and already well-known performers dream to go. A lot of artists we interview tell us that Stage was their goal in life.

And then I saw Stage performances and realized that this is definitely mine, that I want to be there. They did high-level shows that really hooked me. I didn’t even care whether I was in a role or in an ensemble.
For four years, I constantly went to their auditions. At the same time, I was developing as an actor and vocally to match the level I thought Stage productions were at.

Sergey Smolin “Sex, alcohol, rock and roll”. Interview for the magazine “From the darkness of the wings…»

Сергей Смолин
Sergey Smolin

It was from this role that I started collaborating with Stage Entertainment.for me, this production is not so much a musical as a musical-drama performance. The role was not a big one, but it was a very significant one for me, because after it there were many changes in my life.
Vadim Michman “be What it will” interview specially for the publication ” From the darkness of the wings…»(

Вадим Мичман
Vadim Michman

So let’s get this straight. Who are Stage and why do almost all artists go there?

Stage Entertainment owns and operates a network of 20 theaters; produces some of the most famous titles in musical theater, including Disney’s the lion King and Aladdin, Mamma Mia!, Mary Poppins, and the Phantom of the Opera. The company also creates original content, including Tina: The Tina Turner Musical, Anastasia, and Sister Act. Stage entertainment played a key role in the development and wide popularity of the musical genre on the European continent.

Stage Enterteiment «Phantom of the Opera»
Stage Enterteiment «Phantom of the Opera»

The rapid growth of the company since its Foundation has been the result of the desire and passion for the theater, embodied by all those who work in the group. Today, this brand is widely known for the exceptional quality of its shows and the warm hospitality extended to its audience.

As we have already said, Stage Entertainment has expanded its activities in almost all major European countries. The company has branches in France, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, the United States, Italy and Britain. Until a certain point, the Stage branch was also in Russia, but now we are happy with its productions on Moscow Broadway.

In 2000, Stage Entertainment entered into a licensing agreement with Disney Theatre Productions (“Aida”, “the lion King”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Tarzan”, “the little Mermaid”, “Aladdin”). This is together with Stage Entertainment’s collaboration in Europe with Littlestar, Mamma Mia! production company’s, allowed the company to expand in Germany, Spain, Russia, France, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Stage Enterteiment или что такое Московский Бродвей?, изображение №4

In 2004, Stage Entertainment entered into joint ownership with the Broadway theater complex known as Dodger Stages; on March 16, 2006, Stage Entertainment took sole ownership of the theater complex, which was then renamed New World Stages. Stage Entertainment sold new world stages to the Schubert organization in November 2014.

In 2005, Stage Entertainment, along with Dutch dance event organizer ID&T, founded ID&T Germany to organize the Sensation White event in Germany. The joint venture was discontinued in 2006, and ID&T was later acquired by SFX Entertainment.

In 2011, Stage Entertainment Touring Productions was created as a new division of Stage Entertainment, whose main focus was the ice shows Holiday on Ice arena.

Stage Enterteiment или что такое Московский Бродвей?, изображение №5

But, putting aside historical facts, we can safely say that Stage, along with Broadway, has the title of the most successful musical project, so it is there that everyone who has connected their life with music in one way or another strives to get!

Now on the site of the Russian Stage is Moscow Broadway. So let’s get to know him a little closer?

And in Russia, Stage simply does not exist anymore, there is “Moscow Broadway” – also a cool company. I think I would like to go to them, but it is for the role. There are completely different conditions. In an ensemble, you work a lot, but you get less than a person in a role who plays twenty performances (and you play thirty-five).
Sergey Smolin “Sex, alcohol, rock and roll”. Interview for the magazine “From the darkness of the wings…»(

So, Moscow Broadway is a relatively new company that was founded in 2015 by Dmitry Bogachev, a member of the Broadway League, producer at Russian world productions of musicals, including the phantom of the Opera, CHICAGO, “beauty and the Beast”, MAMMA MIA!, “Tanz der vampire”, CATS, “Ghost”, “the little Mermaid”, “Singing in the rain”, the founder of the theater company “Stage entertainment” in Russia, the author of the idea and concept of the musical ANASTASIA, who after a successful hire is on Broadway, in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Мюзикл «Привидение»
Мюзикл «Привидение»

Now Moscow Broadway is known to almost every musical fan. He attracts audiences with his spectacular productions, thanks to him we got acquainted with such projects as “the Show went wrong”, which humorously tells us about how the society of theater lovers at Cornley Polytechnic University unexpectedly receives money for a full-fledged production. And now — the long-awaited premiere of the play in the spirit of Agatha Christie’s detectives “Murder on the Haversham estate”, “the Musical first date”, which tells about a blind date; and also with “Comedy about how a Bank was robbed”, where we learn this story: America, 1958. Professional robber Mitch Ruskitti escapes from an impregnable prison to hit the biggest jackpot of his life — to steal a diamond worth half a million dollars. Mitch has everything planned out, he has a smart assistant, but from the very first minute everything goes wrong, because this is happening in Minneapolis — a city where no one can be trusted!

Stage Enterteiment или что такое Московский Бродвей?, изображение №7

But very soon Moscow Broadway will delight us with a completely new production of “Chess”!

On October 10, we will see a fascinating story about two of the most brilliant chess players of their time. At the height of the cold war, Soviet grandmaster Anatoly Sergievsky and American Freddie Trumper are fighting for the world title in Merano, Italy. After winning the championship, Sergievsky, not without the support of the CIA, runs to the West — with him goes Florence, Trumper’s second and mistress, tired of his eccentricity.

A year later, Sergievsky represents great Britain at the world Championships in Bangkok. Trumper, KGB officer Molokov, Sergievsky’s Soviet wife Svetlana, and the agent who helped him, Walter, also arrive here. And each of them has its own game, which is at stake not only personal and state interests, but also, perhaps, someone’s life.

Interested in learning more? Do you want to see it live and feel all these emotions? Then on October 10, come to the MDM theater!

Author of the article: Anastasia Carnot
The article was prepared specifically for the author’s publication ” From the darkness of the coulises…»